Best Freelancing Websites

Best Freelancing Websites to Find Jobs

Want to be self-employed and have no boss to answer to and ditch your current 9-5? Then freelancing may be the answer that you are looking for. Freelancing or being an “independent contractor” offers freedom that most typical jobs do not. Whether you are looking for a job to supplement your current income or you want to freelance full time, the pay and the options are up to you. Approximately 34% of the current U.S. workforce is involved with some type of freelancing online. But what exactly if freelancing? Freelancing is the more conventional way to make a living from your home. Businesses need online services such as: writing services or SEO services and do not want to or cannot afford to hire a full time employee to meet these online needs. This is where freelancers come into play. Internet services are in high demand and businesses are willing to pay for jobs that meet their specific needs through freelancers. Most companies will use you on a need basis for one to two jobs but then some freelancers develop a good report and gain specific clientele. Becoming a freelancer allows for the freedom for you to have your own business and be your own boss and set your own hours.  Starting out in the freelancing world is relatively easy. There are many freelancer sites or marketplaces that you can join to reach the buyers and clientele for your specific qualities. Fiverr,, PeoplePerHour, and SEO Clerks are all valuable websites to join to access thousands of gigs and clients that are in need of your freelancing abilities.









The fastest growing marketplace for freelancing, Fiverr, is one of the more creative sites to sell and buy unique online services all starting at just $5 like its namesake. With over 3 million “gigs” (jobs) currently listed, the range and originality of services offered is endless. This is not just a site for writers and computer programming aficionados. Fiverr is an easy to use, one of a kind, marketplace for almost anything and anyone. For instance, graphic design work has a large audience here from company logos and business cards to Photoshop and beyond. Virtual assistants, help with HTML or Javascript, invitation designs, or even having a puppet make a birthday video are all available “gigs” on Fiverr. The possibilities of jobs to create and to sell here are infinite. Fiverr allows you to freelance for whatever skills set you specifically have. Their website is user-friendly and Fiverr only takes a small fee from each gig that is sold. This is the perfect forum for any freelancer that is just starting out and is fitting for every background and talent.





SEO Clerks

  Similar to Fiverr, SEO Clerks is an up and coming freelancing marketplace established in 2011. SEO Clerks offers website services for a small fee of 20% commission of the selling price. This is a safe and secure platform to do business with and allows through their search engine for buyers to easily find the services that they are looking for. SEO Clerks is a successful platform for freelancers to find customers in search of affordable services. Examples of jobs that are listed here are: translations, article writing, voice overs, creating word press sites, graphic design, and designer banner ads. There is no limit on the price that a seller can charge so the earning potential with this site is infinite. SEO Clerks utilizes a third party to hold payments and the payment is released when the buyer is happy with their service which ensures safe transfer of funds to complete the sale. Using SEO Clerks is simple for startup freelancers. First you sign up. Click on “ sell a …” and choose which service that you will be selling. Set a price and add a description with tags to make it easier for buyers to find your services. Or if you are not sure what you want to sell, you can always go to “Want To Buy”. Here you can find buyers posting custom tasks that they need performed and these are open to bids. Whichever way you choose to utilize your freelancing skills with this site, always remember that the buyers will rate your work when completed. A high review is essential to your ratings and continued success. So always give amazing customer service and sign up with SEO Clerks to start your journey of freelancing.







  Setting itself apart from other freelancing marketplaces, PeoplePerHour did something unique. PeoplePerHour charges for the estimated time that the seller uses to complete each job as their namesake suggests. Sellers charge for their time to perform gigs. Established in 2005, PeoplePerHour was created to help people start and build their own online business and to achieve independence from the conventional workforce.  This freelancing site mainly focuses on web development, designers, SEO experts and online marketing. With approximately 250,000 active users, the majority of buyers are small businesses owners that cannot hire full time professionals for website services. This really is a successful virtual system for outsourcing work which is beneficial to both the buyer and you the seller. PeoplePerHour is also thoughtful of the buying and selling process by offering their Workstream system. This system allows for management, payment, and communication between buyers and freelancers to all be secure and to be processed in one location. No third parties which increases the security of your transactions. This marketplace is truly a one stop shop. Overall if you are familiar with internet services or writing then PeoplePerHour could be your road to success.





  Established in 2009, is a crowd source marketplace allowing freelancers to bid on job postings. For the assertive and aggressive freelancer, confident in their abilities, this marketplace brings out the competitive nature in its sellers. is for the mature freelancer that has already performed or is knowledgeable in the freelancing world. Buyers at often host contests with cash prizes to nab the best freelancers for the services that they need. This can be rather exciting and encouraging to showcase your abilities to gain more clientele as well. With over 20 million users and represented in 247 countries worldwide, is one of the most fierce but successful freelancing marketplaces online. The top three job categories here are: IT and software, design, media and architecture, and writing and content. matches its buyers with sellers based on their abilities. Sign up and complete a profile. List the services that you can perform and prepare to make your mark on the world that is





  In closing, we have just listed four top freelancing marketplaces that can help you succeed in the online freelancing world. Starting with the simplest to the more challenging sites, signing up for one or all four may be in your best interest. The more you put yourself out there, the more of a chance you have of coming across buyers specifically looking for your talents. Making money through freelancing is a reality that most people dismiss or don’t believe, but those are the same people who work that miserable 9-5, hate their jobs, have to go in when sick, and miss valuable time with their families all while making someone else rich. Freelancing online was created for you, for the person that needs a change and wants to defy the odds by having their own successful online business. Signing up for these sites can be the first step on your road to freedom and success through freelancing.


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