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Want to increase your business profits through using the online tools you already have? Then affiliate marketing just may be the answer that you are looking for. Affiliate marketing (performance marketing) is the process where a business rewards an affiliate ( aka you ) via commission for sales generated by promoting their business or service. Affiliate marketing relies solely on financial motivations to drive sales. This marketing, provided by the affiliate, can be achieved through SEO, paid search engine marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and display advertising. Might sound confusing but there are four key components to this system that has been around since shortly after the World Wide Web was created.

First you have the “merchant” which is the retailer or brand that needs extra marketing and advertisement for their products and agrees in turn to pay for these services based on sales acquired from a third parties work. They sell a product or service and whoever the customer went through for that sale gets paid. Second you have the “network” which is the site or sites that you sign up for to view the offers that merchants have. Several networks will be explained in more detail throughout to give you the information you need in choosing which affiliate marketing site will work best for your needs. Then there’s the “affiliate” (you or publisher). You, the affiliate, is vital to the online business world. You find a product you like via a network site, you promote this product or service, and you receive a commission for each sale that you drive for that business. Finally, there is the “customer”. These are the people that you want to purchase products through your advertisement so that you (the affiliate) can make a profit. This is a win win system based only on sales. Businesses only pay for the advertisement that works and pay you for your successful efforts. Now that the basics of affiliate marketing have been explained, where do you find a network?



Networks are websites that merchants list their offers on for the affiliate marketer to view and choose which business or product that they are willing to promote. These networks work by signing up and registering with them giving you access to the business offers and they are also responsible for paying you for the successful promotions that you make. Since affiliate marketing has been around for over twenty years there are a lot of networks available to choose from which may be overwhelming. Here we will talk about the top four networks available to make your process that much easier in choosing one or all four networks to meet your affiliate marketing needs.



Clickbank is the 87th largest internet retailer in North America. They deal with both physical and digital products for promotion. Founded in 1998 it has roughly over 6 million clients. This is most likely the strongest affiliate networking program available today. The technology that Clickbank offers allows for the easy configuration of your payments and your affiliate programs in just a few minutes. Also, it is possible to promote up to 6,000 products at once on your site and with your affiliate ID you can register all of those products at once saving time. In addition to saving time with its uploading process, Clickbank offers higher commission rates than most other marketplaces. With approx 50% – 75% for every sale, Clickbank is the ideal networking site for your affiliate marketing.






Commission Junction, founded in 1998 as well, is still one of the stronger affiliate networks offering an expansive selection of products to choose from. All major merchants have offers listed here. With over 3,000 merchant partners, Commission Junction is a one stop shop for affiliate marketing. The customization of its links and the ability to change the sizes of the promotions to fit your needs makes Commission Junction one of the most flexible and desirable networks for affiliate marketing. Their payment system is ideal and their reporting and analytics system is astounding. Commission Junctions reporting program allows for detailed optimization of your performance. The ability to adjust and mold site ads and configurations to meet your needs as an affiliate marketer is an ideal situation for any network. Commission Junction definitely goes above and beyond to make sure that its affiliates have the tools they need to succeed.





Shareasale is a unique network founded in 2000. Even though it was created two years after Clickbank and Commission Junction, it is still one of the largest US affiliate programs available. It’s unique because it has approximately 3,800 merchants available for promotion but 1,000 of them are exclusive to Shareasale. This exclusivity gives Shareasale a one up on the competition allowing only its members access to those 1,000 merchants that only work with them on this site. Shareasale also offers its members numerous statistics regarding their campaigns. For instance: average commission, average sale amount, reversal rates, and earning per click are all available to you at the click of a button. These tools allow you (the affiliate) a better understanding of the potential of a current campaign. Even though these are just estimates, Shareasale goes out of its way for its affiliates in providing easy evaluations of offers to help choose the best promotions for you.






Lastly, but certainly not least, in this impressive list of networks is Revenuewire. This company, although relatively new, established in 2007, is an award winning, global ecommerce platform dealing with software and online digital products. Consistently ranking as a top performing company in North America and worldwide, Revenuewire is definitely a top contender for an affiliate marketing network. With a high converting cart, flexible billing, optimized checkout, and one time sales and subscriptions, Revenuewire is an impressive program to use for affiliate marketing. The system is reliable and secure through their SafeCart and ecommerce platform. Revenuewire has achieved multiple impressive rewards and accolades through only its decade in business. The PROFIT 500, Branham 300, mThinkBlueBookSurvey, and the Codie Awards are just some of the achievements that this ingenious company has achieved in such a small amount of time.




With all the amazing attributes of the companies listed how do you choose which network to join? You don’t. The best thing about being an affiliate is you don’t have to choose just one network. These four networks: Clickbank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, and Revenuewire, are all amazing networks for affiliate marketing. The possibilities of profit are endless with each but can you imagine the future if you signed up to all four? Being an affiliate on multiple networks allows for your choices of merchants to be never ending. The more choices that you have the better chances you have of promoting a merchant that works for you. Becoming an affiliate marketer is easy and risk free. Whether you choose one or all four networks, know that the likelihood of making money via affiliate marketing is very real and very achievable.


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